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Start your journey to a simplified life
by simplifying your space.

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Your Personal Experts in Organizing

We are a professional organizing duo serving the San Francisco Bay Area. We will work with you to declutter, organize and create a space that brings you peace of mind, promotes productivity, and simplifies your life.

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What can Simplified Spaces do for you?

Your unique needs are our top priority and we will develop a personalized plan to help you not only achieve your organizing goals, but sustain them.

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This company is awesome, thoughtful and hardworking!

– Penny

Leewan & Megan created a beautiful play place in our home for all my daughters toys, crafts, and school supplies. The support I received throughout the project was invaluable and I couldn’t be more pleased with this beautiful space in our home now. These ladies are true professionals with the great sense of style and eye for detail.


Leewan's organization and decluttering services have proved to be a life-changer in transforming my tween daughter's, bedroom into a haven of tranquility and productivity.  Leewan not only showed a remarkable knack for arranging and optimizing space, but she also managed to engage her in the process, teaching her valuable lessons on organization and cleanliness. The transformation was more than just aesthetic; it also fostered a positive atmosphere that significantly improved her overall mood.


Leewan organized my kitchen and I cannot emphasize enough how life-changing the process was. Everything “flows” now, and while I may still get messy and cluttered every once in a while it is soooo much easier to reset my space. 


Leewan's professionalism, creativity, and genuine passion for decluttering truly set her apart. Her services are well worth the investment for anyone seeking to provide a more structured and/or inspiring environment for their home.

Wong Family

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